Saturday, November 19, 2011

cute things i bought

3 new fake nails
lucky fox tail like the one min used for the video i can't breathe last year
taylorXuan 5 pack fake lower lashes

i bought these yesterday when i went shopping with my mom.. arent they all adorable??
i bought the fox tail at kaison, i had been looking for it for a while now cuz ever since i saw min used it in their video i just thought that its so cool but i never found it until yesterday and the second i saw it i felt i had fallen in love with at first sight LOL cuz it was so gorgeous n awesome!!
i also bought those already painted fake nails cuz with my hectic life i have no time to go and do my nails at the nail saloon like i used to anymore so i figure why not just buy the ones that are already done it save my money and time:> hahah genius!!
i bought a tons of other stuff yesterday but i dont think i will be able to upload them all in one post haha
i love shopping!!

nd beli sume ni smlm mase g shopping dgn my mom ..comel kn??
nd beli ekor musang ni kar kaison, nd da lame da crik bende ni ,sb sejak nd npk min kai bende dlm vid dorg, sb nd ase bende tu npk cool gler n bile nd npk je bende tu nd ase cm nd jtuh cinta lak sb da lame gler crik kot tetibe jumpe terkejot berok ah !!
nd ade gak beli kuku palsu yg dah siap cat, sb akhir2 ni nd busy gler so xde mase nk g wat kuku kt saloon kuku da, so nd fikir nape x beli yg dah siap je kn sng,xbazir fuit n mase nd...bajet skit :> hahah genius! 
nd beli bnyk bnde sebenarnye tp x cukup kot kalo nk upload sume dlm 1 post ni hehe
i love shopping!!!

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