Sunday, October 16, 2011

topic of the day: cameron mitchell

Cameron Mitchell is a singer/songwriter from Texas, or better known as the kid who walked out of the singing competition the glee project on their seventh episode..
i became a fan of his the minute he walked into the audition room and started singing..
there is just that it factor that he had that make you just cant help but to love him and say hey this kid got talent..
i also thinks that if the audition wasn't for glee project but just to find new kids for the new season of glee,i think the director will pick him to be in the show straight away hands down..and even when cameron quit the show ryan murphy(the director of glee) tried his best to keep him on the show,cuz i think he knows that cameron will be a great addition to the existing cast...
other than his talent the thing that i love about him is that he is true to his heart, if he thinks something is not right, he will do something about it and speak out his mind, like when lindsay kissed him on the show and he felt like he cheated on his girlfriend he spoked his mind out to the directors and i guess things like that is what lead him to make the decision to leave the competition cuz he dont feel right about having to do things that he feel bad about just to be on the show and on a recent interview he said: “It’s very tough because I do have beliefs and I do have my faith, and in some ways that does make me very different from other people. There are lines that other people will cross, and that’s OK to them, but to me—I’m just different, I just believe in different things. There are certain things that I’m willing to do on video shoots, but when it comes to the kissing, that was really hard for me. That’s just how I was raised, you know?
“My parents weren’t crazy-strict religious people. I won’t hit people on the head with a Bible, but I live by example and just try to be the best guy I can be. I have morals, and if it’s something that I feel like is crossing the line, then I’m not afraid to stand up. If you don’t stand up for something, then you’ll never stand up for anything. I just feel like that’s just what I had to do.”
if there is more guys who have strong believes like he does in the world, this would be a better world indeed LOL..
god i envy whoever his girlfriend is,cuz she's sure is one hell of a lucky girl..

im glad that even though he walked out of the show and didnt get the chance to win it, but he did won fan choice and got $10 000..
how lucky is that..and his songs are like oe of the most downloaded songs on itunes...
he is a great role model.
i really hope that he'll go far and wow the world with his nerdy-ness...
good luck to you cameron!! you are awesome!!

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