Friday, October 7, 2011

thinking about brown

suddenly I regret that last couple of months ago I my hair black again with blue..cuz now I really2 miss my old brown colored hair..
I think i wanna dye it brown again like in this picture:
or like viivi vanessa's hair color which i really adore:)
last time I dyed it at the salon.. but maybe I'll do it myself tomorrow..
I hope it will turn out great..or otherwise I'll kill myself LOL..

tibe2 andi menyesal lak dye rambut andi hitam dan biru skg andi rindu gler rambut andi warne brown yang dulu tu..
andi rase andi nak dye rambut andi blek can dalam gambar ni:

tp dulu tu andi wat kt salon..tapi mungkin besok andi nak try dye sendiri..
harap2 la menjadi,kalo x andi bunuh diri LOL

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