Monday, October 24, 2011

tanx mom!!!

a few days ago i uploaded this picture on my facebook page as my birthday wish list..i found it on an online store on facebook also..i want it so bad cuz there's only one left, and at the time there was another girl ordered it too,but lucky for me she haven't made the payment..i actually wanted to make the payment myself on wednesday, cuz that is the day my brother pays back the 40bucks he borrowed from me n the coat cost about 66bucks,so i figured while waiting for wednesday i could probably do house works or something for my parents and asked them money for it to buy the coat(im not working so the only way to get some is to ask my parents for it,but they are so stingy,especially my mom if i want it i have to earn it:<)..but since my birthday was yesterday(24.10) and my mom didnt get me any present, so i asked her to buy it for me, at first she was hesitant, cuz to be honest my mom is a bit stingy hehe, but after i bagged her and showed her how awesome it was, she caved in and bought it for me!!! i am over the moon!! cant wait to get it!!!

beberape hari lepas andi ade upload gambar ni kat facebook andi sebagai hadiah keinginan andi,andi jumpe ni kat kedai online kt facebook jugak..andi nak sangat kot ni sb da tingal satu je, dan dalam mase yang same ade sorg lg budak dah order bende ni, tapi nasib baek la dier xbayar lg.. andi sebnarnya nak bayar hari rabu,sb hari tu andi akan dapat duit dari abg andi sb dier ade pinjam 40igt dari andi, tapi memandangkan kot ni harge dier 66igt andi igt sebelum hari rabu ni andi nak kumpul la duit sikit dengan wat keje rumah untuk dapat upah dari mak ayah andi untuk beli kot tu(memandagkan saye ni penanam anggur jadi satu2 nye care untuk dapat duit adalah dengan mintak kat mak bapak andi,tapi mak bapak andi tu agak kedekut sikit ah lg2 mak andi jadi nak duit kene la usha sikit:<) memandangkan hari jadi andi semalam(24.10) dan mak andi xbelikn andi pape hadiah, andi mintak la mak andi belikan kot tu, mula2 dier cm nak x nak je,sb dier uh kedekut skit hehe, tp lepas andi merayu2 wat muke comel sikit and tunjuk kt dier kot tu, dier mengalah n belikan untuk andi!!seronok gler!! xsabar nak dapt kot tu!!!

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