Thursday, October 6, 2011

stuff i use

i've been getting a lot of questions about things i use for my hair and what kind of foundation i use on facebook and youtube..and every time when i told them about the things i use they dont know what it looks like cuz some of the things i use is not very i hope i answer all of your questions with this post...

for shampoo i use:
Alberto V05 intense hydration shampoo for dry and damaged hair
after shampoo i apply conditioner:
fusion conditioner..
i bought this one from a local salon..i dont know where you guys can get it else where..
and sometimes i use this one instead of the one on top:
fusion glam conditioner for colored hair..
the thing that i love the most about this particular conditioner is that it smells so yummy that every time when i wash my hair with it, it made my hair smell like bubble gum and i just wanna eat my hair LOL
every time before i style my hair i will apply:
shurei salon system serum..
it will keep my hair from damaging or have split ends
for hair spray i use:
shurei salon system hair spray...
the best thing about this hair spray is that, it doesn't leave those icky white residue that other hair spray tends to leave on your hair if you brush it after you spray it..and it doesn't have any odor like other brand of hair it will last for i so extreme styling or curling my hair without any worries that my hair will be flat after a few hours..
and make sure that when you buy hair spray you check the back and look for this blue logo that says that the product is environmentally wouldn't want to make mother nature angry now do you?:)
when i tease my hair i use there two brands of wax which are:
gatsby megahold type styling wax & shurei salon system hair wax..
i dont really know why i have to use both of them,but if i only use either one of them to style my hair,it would work as good as using both of them...
ever since i uploaded this picture of me on facebook
a lot of people asked me what kind of foundation i use...
i used:
kryolan supra color for concealer or foundation...
to be honest i dont have flawless skin...
i have a lot of black & white heads and uneven skin tone...
so i use this as a foundation cuz it conceal all of my imperfections and make my skin look really really flawless..and its so lite that when i use it i dont feel like im wearing any make-up..
but its really kinda expensive cost around Rm160..but its worth it..
and i've been using it for over two years now and it doesn't seem to lessen...
cuz when you use it,u only need to apply small amount of it to your face so it will last long...
so i guess that's about it..
if you guys have more questions about it dont be afraid to ask..
i wont bite:)
have a nice day XOXO

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