Sunday, October 16, 2011

outfit of the week: sweet,edgy girl

"outfit of the week" will be a new segment in my blog..
where i talk about fashion,style or cloths that im into..
and i will try to update it every sunday..i'll come up with new looks that im into every week..
so this week im wearing something simple,and pair it up with a biker jacket to give it a little edge..
i called this look the sweet and edgy girl look..

when im putting together my outfit i like to be pretty but edgy at the same time cuz i am a rocker chic inside, but outside im more warm,friendly and laid back kind of girl..
so i this look represent me well..
and if you guys wanna do this kind of look..
its simple, take a plain normal dress that you have and wear it it a biker or leather jacket with spiky bangles, leather boots or some bold colored pumps or heels and your good to go..
this look will make you look cute and sweet but shows that you can also kick someones ass at the same time...
have a nice day:>

"outfit of the week" adalah segment baru dalam blog andi..
dimana andi akan bcakap tentang fashion,style atau pakaian2 yang andi suke atau minat..
dan andi akan cube untuk update segment ni setiap mingu di hari ahad..andi akan tunjukkan style2 baru yang andi suke..
mingu ni andi pakai sesuatu yang simple,dan pakai biker jacket ni untuk bg nampak cm sweet tapi ganas sikit..
andi suke pakai pakaian yang still menampakkan kewanitaan andi tp dalam mase yang same still nampak ganas,sb andi ni rock skit haha, tp kadagan2 andi jenis relax,manje dan peramah.
jadi style ni btol2 melambangkan andi yg sebenarnya..
kalo korg nak try wat style ni...
senang je, amek dress yang simple, kai dengan biker atau leather jacket, kai gelang tajam2 tu ke, dengan kasut boot kulit ataupun kasut tinggi warne terang2 meti smart..
style ni akan wat korg nampak comel,tp ganas dalam mase yang same..
selamat mencuba hahah:>