Monday, October 31, 2011

happy belate birthdya par-tay!!

tanx guys for the cake!!! it was delicious!!

me and Kitty Goregeous goin crazy!!

my birthday was actually last monday on the 24th...
but at the time none of my pals was free, so i had to postpone my birthday to today, cuz today is the only day that all of them were free..
i haven't seen them in a while cuz i've been so busy lately..
so today we just had a small get together at my place to celebrate my belated birthday..
spending time with them today makes me so freakin happy..
and my this is the best "belated birthday party" eva!!

hari jadi andi sebenarnya hari isnin yg lepas pada 24 haribulan..
tapi time tu kwn2 andi sume busy, jadi terpakse la tangguh birthday andi ke hari ini sb harini je org sume free..
da lame da xjumpe dorg sb andi pun busy jgk kebelakangan ni..
jadi harini kitorg just sambut hari jadi andi kecil-kecilan kt rumah andi..
habiskn mase dgn org ni betol2 wat andi gembira sngat harini...
dan ini la sambutan hari jadi yg paling terbaek la!!!

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