Thursday, October 13, 2011


a few days ago,i ordered a tripod stand from
and i was supposed to get it on tuesday but unfortunately the seller forgot my order and she sent it to me yesterday...
so this morning when i woke up i am so anxious about it,so i literally waited in front of my door for the post man..
and it was killing me,cuz i feel like its taking the post man forever to get to my house, i waited and waited til finally at 2 pm sharp the anticipated postman came and gave me the thing that i had been waiting to get!!
and once i got it i was over the moon!!!
i dont know why that im so stoked about a tripod but i am..
and the best part is that it came with a bag..
now i can take more awesome pictures with it!!
that tripod just made my day:>

beberape hari yang lalu andi ade order tripod stand dari
sepatutnya dapat hari selase tapi malangnye penjual tu terlupa order andi dan kirim barang tu semalam..
pagi tadi bile andi bangun je and teruja gler,jadi btol2 tungu postman datang kat depan pintu rumah andi..
menungu ni menyakitkn hati gler ase cam bertaun-taun je tungu postman tu datang walaupun xla lame sgt tp rase mcmtu,jadi tungu punya tungu akhirnya kol2 tepat datang lah sang postman ke rumah andi dan bg andi brg tu..
happy gler time tu xdapat nak gambarkn ehehe..
xtau la knpe andi happy sgt sb dapat tripod stand tp rase happy gler bile bende tu sampai..
siap ade beg free lg heheh..
skg bole la andi amek gmbar lawa2 kai tripod ni hehe
oh happy nye saye harini!!:>

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