Saturday, October 15, 2011

digital scrapbook!!

i think by now most of the people who knew me from my facebook or youtube knows about my relationship with kitty goregeous..
we are best friends for almost 9 years now..
last night while i was going online and i got bored cuz the line was slow so i browse through my laptop and look at some photos and then i gazed upon a folder which contains pictures of me and kitty that i kept from the pictures way back when we first hang out and to the one we three weeks ago..
as i was looking at them one by one i just couldn't believe how much we had change in these past few years..
we went from being so totally dark,weird and dramatic,to all white,cuddly and sweet..hahaha..
i dont know how much we would change in the years to come but i hope we wont look as bad as we were back then haha...
so i made this kinda like scrapbook for kitty, and hopes that she sees what i saw when i look at those pictures of us and took her down to memory lane about our friendship..
this is for you kitty!! lap u la!!

andi rase skg kebnyakan org yg knl andi kt facebook mahupun youtube meti dah tau pasal hunbungan andi dengan kitty goregeous kn..
kitorg kawan baek dekat 9 taun dah..
malam tadi mase andi tgh online dan tetibe rase bosan sebab line lembab gler jadi and pun belek2 folder2 gambar yang ade dlm laptop saye ni dan andi pun tgk la folder yg menyimpan gambar2 andi dgn kitty yg andi simpan dari gmbar kitorg lepak first time dulu ke gambar yg bru kitorg snap tiga minggu lepas..
sedang andi tgk gmbar2 tu 1 per 1 mcm xcaye je dgn perubahan yg kitorg lalui dlm beberape taun ni..
dari budak2 yg dunianya gelap, pelik dan dramatic, kepada gadis yang ayu dan sweet hahah..
xtau la cmne rupe kami dlm taun2 yg akan dtg tp hrp2 xseteruk kitorg yg dulu haha..
jadi andi wat bende ala2 scrapbook ni untuk kitty, dan harap dier pun perasan perubahan kite dan igt sume kenangan yg kitorg lalui dari gmbar2 tu tentang persahabatan kite..
ni utk ko!!i lap u la!!

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