Wednesday, October 5, 2011

awesome albums

im the kind of person who loves to listen to music everywhere i go..and when i find new bands or new artists i will go to the music store and find their whole album..cuz i dont like to love a certain artist based on one or two popular singles or cuz they look awesome,cuz if i do i fell like im falling in love with a stranger..thats why i love to buy albums..cuz when i listen to the whole thing then i'll decide weather to love the band/artist or not,cuz when i listen to the whole thing i got to know the story of the songs and their music better rather than to just listen to one song and declare myself that artist's biggest fan..
but most of the time when i bought those albums,i dont like all of the songs i hear and i end up giving it away to my friends..i have bought almost 90 albums ever since i was 11..and the first one was "i brought you my bullets,you brought me your love" by my chemical all those albums i bought there are only 4 albums that i love every single song in it..and they are:

one of the boys by katy perry
autobiography by ashlee simpsons

teenage dreams by katy perry(limited edition)

underdog alma mater by forever the sickest kids

i love all of the song in all of these albums i listed...especially katy perry's and ashlee's cuz both of the albums was written by themselves and i can relate to the the song love me for me(ashlee),mannequin(katy),one of the boys(katy) and humming bird heart beat(katy)..
every time when i listen to these songs i feel like they're talking about me for some reason LOL..
and the album i cherish the most is katy perry's teenage dreams..cuz its a limited edition album and it has a cotton candy scent which i love so much..
one more thing even though i dont look like a girl who really love katy perry..but i do:) cuz her music is so relate-able and so calming, sweet and make me wanna shake my ass of to her songs..
i wish one day i could be an awesome song writer and artist like her..she is one of my inspiration when i write my music..she is so awesome..i wanna be like her one day:)


  1. I love Ashleee since i was kid :D

  2. shes awesome rite!!!:> i cant believe that pete left her for another girl though

  3. yup he is..i mean ashlee is an awesome person n a great mom..he is really stupid to not notice it..