Sunday, September 18, 2011

topic of the day: money can't buy you happiness?

this particular subject had been playing through my mind ever since i knew the true value of money in everybody's life..i think the first time i heard the term of money cant buy you happiness was when i was about 12 or something and different parts of me are debating to each other about the topic and ever since then and until now the debating is still repeating on and on cuz i could never find the answer to "does money really cant buy you love"?
cuz the way i see it,you can buy happiness but you cant buy love..
k imagine this, (for girls)if you go out on a date with a guy,and he brought you flowers and chocolates and pays the tabs and take you to the movies or take you on a trip or stuff and how would you feel?? happy right?? and all of that cost what?? MONEY....
and what if you go on a date and the guy didnt bring you anything and didnt pay the tab and asked you to pay how would you feel?? shitty aint it??
so that's just one of the point i have in making you believe in my theory...
furthermore,who are those people you see on the streets, begging for money?? people with no money...and are they happy living on the streets?? HELL NO!!
im not saying if you dont have money you cant be happy,its just that i think with money at least you can better your live if its put to good use and at least you wont have to deal with money related problems if you have them..
and im not saying that if you have money you can be 100% happy, i think money contributes happiness to someones life... cuz if someone have money...
on the other hand,even though i said and believe that money can buys you happiness but i doubt it will buy love..
if you dont believe me,just look at hugh hefner and crystal harris..
even though the old bag is filthy rich,at first she probably thought she can fake her happiness cuz she thought she can be happy with all the money he got, but eventually i guess when she finally realized that even though the old man gonna give her all this money but he cant never make her happy so she ditched him before they walked to the alter..good for you!!
see, money cant buy you love after all...
and to be honest, everytime when im down, i go shopping and everything is okay again...cuz when i shop,i feel like im buying myself a present and it cheers me up better than crying about my problem...cuz after i did retail therapy i'll be calm and then the problem slowly fade away..
well at least that's my opinion..
different people have different perceptive in this matter..
so that's all for today toddles:>

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