Monday, September 12, 2011

munch munch munch1!!!

my fave food!!

I went to my dad's place in KL yesterday and i went to Mines to shop with my mom and i notice there's a new Carl's Junior outlet just opened there..
i haven't had Carl's Junior for almost a year now,cuz i rarely go to KL anymore now,so i really want to munch some classic burger or chili fries that i love so much..
i didnt know where the store was,so i checked the inventory of the building,and i still dont know where it is located but i was determine to eat there so i searched the whole mall til my feet got blisters but i didnt care i just wanna eat there no matter what...
but at first my mom gave up to help me find the outlet so she suggested that we eat at McDonald's...but i refuse,cuz by hook or by crook i just wanna eat at Carl's Junior,
then finally after 1/2 an hour of searching i finally found the place!!!
and i was filled with joy,i was so fucking happy like how harold and kumar was happy when they finally got to white castle..and i enjoyed every bite of my burger like it was my last one!!
i wish i can Carl's Junior meals everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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