Sunday, September 11, 2011

big ass specs!!

without makeup n extensions!! im such an ugly fat kid!!

i am actually short sighted, i had been for almost 6 years now..
im the kind of person that hates wearing glasses,especially when my old ones makes me look like someone's grandma...
and i always break my glasses cuz im a rough kinda chick that like to run around and do crazy thing and my specs always falls from my head and i always steps on it or sat on it bottom line is it always since last year i stopped wearing them cuz those thing are expensive to repair and i just hate wearing them cuz they make me feel like a geek..
but lately my eye sight is getting worst and worst...
i can barely see sign boards on the roads when im driving and it gets worst when im driving at night,cuz i couldnt even see the road line,or cars..all i can see is the lights of the cars that passes by me,and when i drive i rely on their lights and the road lamps to guide my way..
but im always afraid that it will get me into an accident,so finally yesterday i took my mom to the eye clinic and make a me a new one...
when it came to the time to pic out which specs i want,she choose for me and selected these big ass glasses for me:<
cuz she is a fan of Cameron Mitchell from Glee project,since it looks good on him,she thought it will looked good on me too...
i doubt it actually but the more i wear it the more i love it,cuz the big frame of the specs helps me a lot...cuz i can see better in them,,
i used to use those kinda of specs with small lens frame it make me feel trapped cuz i can only see within the perimeters of the lens,which is small so if i wanna watch tv i had to tilted my head so i can see better,but with these big ones i dont have to..

and after i uploaded my defult picture to my facebook i realized that it looked similar to my bff tenny's defult picture!!
we look like twins LOL
and thanx mom for these awesome specs i love the!!and i love you!!!

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