Monday, August 29, 2011

thousands of apologies

hey guys how are you doing??
i just want to say that i am so so so sorry for not updating my blog for quite a while,
i am probably the worst blogger ever..
i have just been busy lately,i haven't got time to go online and stuff...
and i changed the whole look of my blog now cuz i want it to look fresh so you guys wont be bored to view my blog with my previous layout which was just sort of a bit lay-back n simple kind of theme,which reflect who i am...
but i want to change it up a bit to make it more fun and playful...
i hope u guys likes it and i promise i will update my blog more often than before okay??
and from now on i will change the whole idea of my blog, instead of writing about things i do all day, i wanna write about things that matters, things that are going on in my head, things that i wanna question about to people and so on..
if u dont understand what im talking about, just read my blogs after this one and i think you'll get the picture..
so i hope you guys still have the interest in reading my blog even though i havent been updating in a while..
if your still interested i promise i will update more often and update more important stuff for you to read okay??
til then have a nice day:>

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