Monday, August 29, 2011

tanx tenny!!!

i have been waiting for her letter to arrive at my home for almost a month,cuz she told me she had send it a month ago, but sadly her dad probably forgot to post it,cuz she asked him to do so.. but i really dont mind i got the letter a bit later, i was just so excited when it arrived i was literally over the moon, cuz i havent had got a letter for a long time,cuz i stopped writing to people a long time ago.but i send one to tenn about 5 or 6 months ago,i bought her blue hair dye and send it to her as a gift along with some other stuff and a letter, i didnt expect her to write back, but im glad she did,cuz it made me so happy:>
i miss getting letters in the mail for me,instead of taking letters for my family members and none for me:<
so she send me a letters along with some other cool stuffs too!!
tanx dear!!! i love each and everything you gave me.. especially the owl necklace and the ring it is so adorable..and u gave kitty the ring in pink right?? it is so weird cuz we usually wear the same cloths but in different colors back when we were younger,she will always dress in pink and i will always dress in black hehe cuz that is our favorite color..
and i also received some stuff from my brother..he got a bonus so he bought me and my mom a present...he bought me a shirt from zara and some butterfly hair clips cuz he know how much i love them..tanx abg atoi!! love u dude!!!

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  1. andi !! thanks for this post ! and i'm so glad that you got my letter and you like what i gave you and yes :p i gave you the black one and kitty the pink one <3 and you are just the best !