Saturday, June 11, 2011

rainbow oreo cupcakes!!!!

my brother requested me to bake this rainbow oreo cupcakes...
he found the recipe in a book he bought when he went to Cameron Highlands yesterday..
when he showed me the recipe i was so thrilled that i went straight to the kitchen and baked them right away...
i was thrilled cuz it involves oreo!! haaha..
i love oreo..!! they are just simply an awesome invention the human race ever invented haha..
and it is simply delicious..
cuz once the cupcakes are baked, the oreos at the bottoms almost melts and became soft which is just so pleasant to eat..!!
try it!! its easy..
u need:
1) white cake mix,and separate them into a number of bowls and drip in different colors in each bowl..
2) place the oreos at the bottom of cups and fill the cups half way with each color of mix you made..
3)then baked them for 20 mins at 180 degrees..
its simple right:>
hope you guys try it..have a nice day!!:>

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