Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hey you guys,i wanna apologize for not posting anything lately, I've have just been so busy with my life and i dont have anything interesting to write about so i dont see a point to write unnecessary things on my blog cuz i know i will bore you guys to death hahaah..
but today i have something funny to share with you guys...
well in my last post i wrote about a dude name Freddie Wong who have a channel on youtube called freddiew right??
when i watch his videos something about his face seemed familiar...
so i though long and hard about why does he seem so familiar and when my big brother came home from work it hit me!!
Freddie Wong looks totally like my big brother!!!
dont believe me??
judge for yourself..

this is freddie
this is my brother with his wife and daughter
they look like twins right hahaha:>

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