Wednesday, June 8, 2011

for qiqi!!

this is a picture i drew of my best pal qiqi bunny...
i drew this a long time ago but i havent got time to upload it cuz i aint got no time..
so here you go qi i hope you like it..
in this drawing i did a little experiment with lines and patterns, i just wanna try something new with my drawing and luckily it works for this one..
its actually hard to draw qiqi, cuz we dont see each other often so i can capture her features as much as i could with mimi,cuz we had been together for 9 years now so i know every inch of her face...
so to draw qiqi i had to improvise and draw her as what i see in my imagination..
and this came out of it..hehehe..
i hope i did a good job:>

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