Friday, June 10, 2011

a day out with mommy!!

my mom was making funny faces..shes adorable!!
i've gained a few weight..hahaha..i look chubby dont i?

since most of my family members are on vacation to Cameron Highlands...
so the house seemed empty and me n my mom were the only ones home,so she took us out shopping..
we went to Seremban yesterday and we had tons of fun...
she bought me new pair of shoes,had dinner at kenny's and we really had fun spending time with each other..
cuz me&my mom usually dont get along,n since i left for University we had little time to spend with each other..
but yesterday was fun!! like really2 fun...i felt like i wasn't going out with my mom but with my best pal:>
before we knew it the clock strikes 10 and we had to leave,but it felt like we had just been there for just 5mins..hahaha..
i guess its true what people say "time flies by quicker when you're having fun"...
i hope we can do it everyday!!! i love you mommy!!!

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