Tuesday, June 7, 2011

adore her!!

this is viivi vanessa
shes from Finland..
she used to be a scene girl,now as she got older she turns to gyaru..
and personally i love her more when she gyaru than scene..
she she looks way better and hotter gyaru than scene..
and what i love the most about her is her hair..
i mean look at it!!! its like total perfection!!!
her hair is thick,soft,long,have nice shade..
i wish i had her hair!!:P
but i actually love her overall package...
cuz she is one of the few people who actually thinks about everything from hair,cloths,makeup and beauty..
most people when they dress-up, they often focus on just a certain thing to be their main attraction..like their hair,or just their cloths..
but viivi, everything about her is awesome..from top to toe!!!
even though i adore her dont expect that i will be copying her anytime soon..
i just love her style...
i dont like copying people..
but i am thinking about changing my style a bit soon,..
you guys just have to wait n see k..
till then

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