Friday, April 1, 2011

a great morning start with a great breakfast!!

what i had this morning(tea,sausage McMuffin and hash brown)

this is me with my nephew and my sister-in-law which has become my bff now hahaha

from left, my niece erika, my aunt rose and her daughter mira(sory mire your head was out of the range of my camera screen heheh)

me with my favorite boy!! hakimi!!(mind my un-make-up-ed face haahha)

how adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!


yesterday my sister-in-law watched McDonald's commercial on the family breakfast set and stuff straight away she blab out hey wouldn't it be nice for us to have McDonald's breakfast tomorrow!! i really wanna eat those pancakes!!they look so scrumptious!!
and i say "dude are you crazy??? we live in tampin remember?? the nearest McDonald's is in melaka?? thats a far trip just to get breakfast dont you think??"
but the look on her face made me feel like i had to take her there cuz she really wanna eat those pancakes, so at last i said "you know what,what the heck lets go tomorrow!!!"
so we both get up at 6 am this morning and got ready and by 7 we were on our way...and i took my aunt on the way there cuz she wanna tag along..
when we got there,there was a long line...
but we wait patiently for our turn and when our turn to order arrived we were so stoked that we nearly forgot what to order(like we had never had McDonald's before hahaha)
and when our food was ready we felt this huge satisfaction that i can never explain!!!
even though i had to drove an hour to get breakfast but it was worth it!!
i hope you guys started your day awesomely like i did too:>
may the rest of our day be even more awesome!!!

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