Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new hair style!!!

its 2 weeks now since i'd dyed my hair to this shade,and i love the color but my hair cut was dull and made me look like i have flat hair..
so last night i gather my guts to pick up a pair of scissors and cut a fringe to my hair..
at first it was a bit scary cuz i've tried fringe once before and i didnt work for my face...
but when i was done cutting my hair,and ask everyones opinion, they all said that it looked good on me...
so im planning on sticking with this fringe for another 2-3 weeks before im gonna dye my hair purple and have another hair style:>
so what do you guys think of my hair???


  1. u look like 100% chinese hehe
    u wanna dye purple??? damn, u'm jeleous!! hoho

  2. heehehe tanx so much..
    yup after a few weeks..
    cuz i dont like this normal hair style...
    so im gonna change it later:>

  3. cool! haha
    btw, i'm liyana dean from fb,
    i just hope u will have time to just do a make up video
    haha not that i paksa u eh, plz dun think that way ^^

  4. owh tau2...:>
    buleh jer..
    aritu dah wat but my skin was a bit terible so i deleted that and wanna make a new one cume xde mase jer..
    adew mase i wat k..wait 4 it:>

  5. and u have uploaded it! and i suke suma!!