Wednesday, March 2, 2011

im such a dumb ass!!!

i am so pissed at myself!!!
because of my stupidity i lost 10 bucks of mobile credit in 1 blink of an eye!!:(
i feel so stupid!!
okay if you're asking 'whats going on andi??' 'what happend?'
well what happend was,i tried to register for blogger on mobile today(cuz im so addicted to blogging everything about my life hahah) so before i can register i have to open an e-mail account on my phone...
so i tried that, so while waiting for it to load i went to the bathroom for a bit to pee, and when i check back on my phone i only have like 40 sen left!!!
i just topped-up 10 like before i start now theres only 40 sen in it!!
im such a dummy!!
im never gonna do that again!!

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