Monday, February 14, 2011


tako tao

fot long hot dogs

my fav dish gulai lemak labu

beef chili cheese fries

giant burgers

curly fries
sloppy joe

tons of white castle burgers

sour tapes
chocolate covered strawberries
roasted marshmallows
plain marshmallows
fruit trail mix
caramel apple
crunchy salad
fruit salad
chocolate covered fruits
chocolate covered fruits

arh!!!!!!!!!!!! looking at the picture of these food makes me wanna eat them all in one bite!!! i admit that i am obsessed with food!!! i cant stand them.. they are everywhere!!! but the sad thing is i cant eat them all cuz i have to go on a diet cuz im gaining weight... but just imagine, wouldn't it'd be nice if i can eat anything i want at anytime that i want, even though if its high on fat,sugar,carbs or what so ever but wont end up fat like a michelin man???? ahhh if i can have that kind of body that will always stay fit no matter what i eat i would totally eat everything above in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!! i sadly i cant... cuz my type of body will gian weight fast so i have to watch what i eat..but anyways doesn't everything above looks fantastic????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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