Saturday, February 26, 2011

sugar, spice and everything nice!!!

today i just found out that i really really really love to bake!!!
i didnt know it at first but today when i bake 12 cup of vanilla cupcakes with sweet raspberry butter cream topping everything just seems clear to me that baking will be my new hobby...!!!
when im baking i just feel like im on another planet where i dont have to worry about anything else in the world...
and when its done and i look at the finished product and pass it around to my family it just felt so awesome!!!
i felt love, pride, joy, excitement and the thing that i love the most is that i finally learn how to be patient...
cuz when you bake,you cant really rush things if not it will be a disaster, since im the kind of person who lives on the fast lane, i like everything fast, driving fast, studying super fast, fast food to cut the story short i just like everything fast cuz im the kind of person who will get bored really quick..
but baking finally made me a little bit patient..
i just wait patiently for the cupcakes or cookies to baked without a hassle...
i really love baking...
i just hope that this is not a one time thing i really wanna bake more stuff after this:>

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