Monday, February 14, 2011

product review by andi zephyr!!!

before this i used to only use shurei product for my hair...everything from hairspray,serum,wax anything at all that has to do with hair i will use shurei product...because to me shurei is a great product..even though it is a little pricey but its worth it cuz it will make your hair healthy and looks protected my hair when i was fucking with it so much that i nearly had no hair at all because of all of the dye and stuff...but lately i just feel like shurei is too expensive for me...just imagine everytime when i need to buy my shampoo it will cost me Rm32 bucks...i know it doesn't sound much,but i have to buy other stuffs too like my facial cleanser,my toner&my other womanly needs i just feel like i need to cut down a bit on my expenses...and also cuz i think i've wasted a lot of money on my toiletries alone,and when i think about it if i save some of that money i could probably afford to buy more stuff and other stuff then to spend it all on my vanity i tried switching with other new products like,pantene,head and shoulders and others but none of them seemed to work on my hair,i will end up with frizzy hair,or dry hair.. i even switch my facial cleanser which was ST.IVES before to CLEARASIL luckily this part of the switching works for me...i also switch other stuff a few days ago i though to try sunsilk..and after using it 4 times it seemed to be better then what i expected...
the one im using is called,sunsilk damage repair or something and it is freaking awesome!!!! before using it i have to blow dry my hair everytime i was it cuz if it dont it will get frizzy and tangled up with each other,but i no longer have that problem anymore once i have tried this... i think its the best thing that had ever happend to my hair!!! i love it so much..!!! so to those who have like damaged hair or something i recomend you to use this worked wonders for me im sure it will for you too:>


  1. i'll give it a try soon !! imma boys btw , :D ..
    i'd want to try SHUREI at first , but after i saw your blog ,
    i think i'll change my mind to SUNSILK .. :)) ..

  2. but im not gonna guarantee that it will 100% work for you but it works for me... shurei is good too but its too expensive thats why i changed to sunsilk..