Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the new season of skins!!!!!!!!!!!

i am a really big fan of the tv series called skins...i've watched the show from its first season..and i kept wanting more and more and when their new season came out(their on their 5th season now),i had to watch it on youtube...because before this i watched it from my friend's laptop because she downloaded the whole 4 season series on her laptop but now that she had moved out from our house and moved to shah alam do i had to watch the new season from youtube... so now i've watched the first and second episode of the 5the season but now im so pissed cuz i had been trying to watch it for 3 days now but i cant cuz line is being a dick to me!!! even if i leave it to load for hours it didnt even move a bit!!! fuck!!! im so pisssed!!! i hope the line will get better soon, cuz i really2 want to watch this show so badly:(

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