Sunday, February 27, 2011

girls day out!!!!

since i was so busy with my life lately i barely have time to hang out with my girl friend MIMI!!!
i miss hanging out with her and doing stuff together..
so since im free today and she wanna straighten her hair so i though this could be a great opportunity for us to hang out and i can also dye my hair at the same time..
i havent dye my hair in ages and it was driving me nuts..
cuz im the kind of person who will get bored with her hair fast if its the same color all the time i love changing it so i dyed it today...
i dyed it like and orange-y blond..
i actually want it like light blond but i cant cuz i had once dyed my hair pitch black so its kinda hard to remove all the black dye out...
but i will dye it a little more lighter in about 4-5 weeks when my hair is healthier..
so for now im gonna let it be this color:>
i though that going to the saloon and getting your hair done with your girl friend would be fun...
but it was actually the opposite!!!
it was excruciatingly tiring!!!
we went there at 12 and was done at nearly 6 o'clock!!!
we havent even eaten or drink yet!!!
it was hell i tell you!!!
but at least it was fun cuz mimi was there with me so i could have something to smile about..
so after we were done,i was so jealous of mimi's hair!!
cuz its so soft and long!@#@$@%@#
i just feel like i wanna cut them all off and glue them to my head hahhhaa
her hair was awesome!!!
after that we went to KFC to chow down on food cuz we were starving!!
and we went home..
i am so happy to get to spend time with her again...
next week we are going to the nail saloon for manicures and pedicures!!!
cant wait!!!
love ya mimi my kuching!!@#@$$^*^$*)&))&_^

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