Sunday, February 27, 2011


these are the cupcakes that i made yesterday!!!
i know its not that good looking cuz this is my first try at making cupcakes..
before this i always only make cookies cuz thats the only thing im good at..
im afraid of making cupcakes or any other cakes,cuz making them perfect and taste good is not easy...
and im the kind of person who doesnt take criticism that well..
so i dont want to make any mistakes and have people pointing them out especially in something that i love to do that is baking...
so i never tried..
until yesterday,i just have this urge to just wanna do it no matter what people say..
so i did and it was fun!!
even though its not perfect of taste like amazingly good..
but hey cut me some slack its my first time hehehe..
but what ever it is im so happy that i finally made something this good!!!!

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