Sunday, January 16, 2011

stop hating!!!!!

i cant understand why people nowadays are spreading more hate than love...i mean they would hate on each other,hate on others,hate on artist,hate on the government and hate on a lot of stuffs that shouldn't even hate in the first the thing i cant understand the most is how people like to hate on artist...they dont really know them personally so why should they hate justin bieber for instant...they are also people who make hate justin beiber t-shirts probably cuz they hate him so much...but why spread hate when spreading love is more wonderful...k im not saying that im a fan of his or telling you guys to love him, you can hate him if you want but just dont spread the negativity around...its not good for you and for others too...its such a shame to live in alive full of hatred when you can live in a live full of love and happiness...and another thing i dont understand is how people can hate other people just cuz they hear some bad stories or rumors about shouldnt judge people by how other people say that person is...cuz those sotries or rumors could be wrong and you could be hating on an innocent me if you wanna know some one, know them personally and not by other peoples stories cuz it might not be true...but in case it is then you can hate that person all you want...but to me i rather not hate, weather how awful that person is...i just dont like to live a life full of hate, i like to spread to love around to keep my life positive and healthy...research had shown that people who laugh a lot, and live a happy life will life longer than people who dont..and their life is more prosperous than others...dont you want that??well i do...stop the hate and start spreading the love guys!!!!!adios!!!!

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