Friday, January 21, 2011

the only thing that i want in this life

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this quote suits me best!!! you know when your little people tend to always ask you this all the time that is;"what do you want to be when you grow up?"... and everytime they do i never know what to tell them... its not like i dont have any ambitions or dreams... but to me i dont like to dream to hard cuz i dont like to get dissapointed... and i have tons of ambitions actually,like, i want to be a rock star, a film maker, a successful buisness women or something,with so many to choose from i just couldnt pick one to answer that question...and further more i am actually not quite sure of what i really want in life...but 1 thing that i am sure of that in anything i would be in the future or anything i would do i just want to be happy...thats all i ever be happy..its that simple... but i can never really answer people when they ask me "who i want to be in the future?" and answer them that just want to be happy... im sure people would laugh at me... but now i think if anybody would ask i would answer them that way...cuz that i really what i really want...rather then to lie to them i am just gonna say my ambition is to be happy because that is what i really want in my life:>
and right now i can say that my life is going good..i've got nothing to complain about...i got a great family,great friends,great boyfriend and a great life:>im greatful for what i have and im happy with what i have now...alhamdulillah:>

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