Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my cute little brother!!!!

this is my little brother haidi...but my family calls me ot...his the only little brother i have and lately when i go back t my parents house for the holidays, i could see how much he had grown...his turning 13 this year, and already he got girls chasing him(i know its hard to believe cuz he is kinda fat an unattractive hahahah kidding),and he go to a new school got tons of new friends and just kinda sad that he grows soo fast that sometimes i cant even except the fact that his turning into a teenager right now...cuz in my eyes his still the little brother that i always baby sat and changed diapers...but all i can do i let him grow...i dont want him to think that im not gonna be there for him when he needs someone to talk to through his teen years, cuz lets face it,im the only one he got since all of our other sibling got their own lifes,my big brother is married with two kids,my other big brother is living in kl and rarely comes back to tampin for a visit,and my sister is about to get married in February and after that she will live somewhere around melaka with her husband...the thing that i notice straight away when i get back home to my parents house is that he will always turn to me about his recent life,his gf and happy to know that he trusts me in things like this to share it with me..i felt happy cuz when i was his age i really got no one to talk to when i have problems or when i just need someone to talk to,cuz when you look at it things like this are the things that you wouldnt want to share with your parents,especially when they are parents are two very awesome people but they tend to cant help them self with keeping secrets..they always blabs them out when something about it came up or when we did something wrong they will use those thing against us...hard huh?? well i had to put up with it for 18 years...huhuuhu...and my sister??is not a big help also...shes too busy with her millions of boyfriends and her now that my brother is going through this phase i just want him to know that i will always be there for him,cuz i dont want him to be alone since everyone else have their own lives i dont him to be left out of it...and sometimes i think he didnt realize how much i love him...we fight and stuff but thats what siblings do..i still love him no matter what...
to you guys out there who got a little bro or sis...take good care of them...cuz they need you and you support...
have a nice day guys:>

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