Monday, January 24, 2011

my chemical romance!!!!!!!

im gonna let you guys in on a little secret of mine that not a lot of people knows..not even my closest friends..i think only my mom knows how much i absolutely love,admires,adores,idolize and fuckingly a big fan of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCEthey are like the most epic band ever!!!! i love them ever since i was 11 when their first album came out..their songs just went straight to my heart and stuck itself there for a 9 years now haha...i found out about the band by a friend from a local record store...he works there btw, at the time, i was listening to bands like smashing pumpkins, metellica, black flag, placebo and stuffs like that so i asked him,hey do you know any new bands that have similar sounds to the bands like? cuz at the time i was in serious need to listen to new songs...cuz all i have is the same kaset tape of those bands and i listen to it like 500 times a day cuz i dont know any other bands yet(well i was 11 im not very familiar with the Internet at the all i have are those tapes that was given by my brothers so i dont know whats the new bands or where to get new songs,so the record store was my only reference) so then he introduced me to the life changing band thats called MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!! ever since that one album i just fell in love with them even until now..i even all of their albums including the limited edition ones..and i even have 3 scrap books i made about them...and i even went to their concert in Malaysia back in 2007..and it was epic!!! i also have gerard's comic series the umbrella academy...what i love about them is the way they make all of their songs connect with each other,like each song can connect to them self with a story to me they are not just making a music album,but also a story...and the most amazing thing about them is that they know how to make great gerard knows how to make awesome lyrics,ray toro knows how to make a song from normal to bad ass with his crazy guitar playing and lots more..they are what i call a perfect band because they have everything....and finally after 2 years of waiting they finally came out with their new album,danger days,the true lives of the fabulous killjoys... it was not quiet what i was expecting but hey its MCR they change their whole style from music to clothing in every album they make and as a fan i should support them..owh i just love them owh so much!!! right now im gathering some money to buy the new album..cuz i've been a little bit broke lately.. cant wait to listen to their new album!!! i love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!
1st album:i bought you my bullets, you brought me your love
2nd album: three cheers for sweet revenge

3rd album: life on the murder scene

4th album:the black parade

5th album:the black parade limited edition
the inside of the album

6th album:danger days:the true lives of the fabulous killjoys

my fave pictures of my chemical romace(they change so much through out the years dont they:>)

i love you so much MCR!!


  1. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
    Xsngke Andi pn ske dorg. XD

  2. hahahahah dah lame kot dri 11 tahun kot..:> they are like my idol!