Sunday, January 16, 2011

i want this so bad i could die!!!!

i've been wanting to buy a biker leather jacket(like in the pictures) for a few months now, but i havent found the right one, or the right one is over my budget...
so now i going to look for the jacket cuz i have the money now, but i dont know where to find it...i want that jacket to fit my small size and the leather looks authentic not like a cheep garbage bag...i want a kinda Ramones type of jacket...which looks so awesomely bad ass rock star-ish...cuz now im trying to change my style a going to change to a more mature,rocker but still feminine kinda look..which i thing would suit me best cuz i still love to wear thick black eyeliners and stud bracelet but i dont wanna look cheap or childish in it..cuz im turning 20 this year, so i want people to know straight away that i am 20...cuz i have a very small figure and im only 4'11...i dont want people to have me mistaken for a high school i gotta make a statement with the way i dress and the way i carry myself...but i really hope i can find the right jacket soon!!!! if i dont i will die an unhappy death ahhahah!!!

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