Wednesday, December 29, 2010

malaysia won!!!!!!!

whoo huuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
malaysia you guys had finally raise up from the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!
this time you guys play like it the last game you will ever play!!!!!!!
you guys are the best!!!!
even thought you guys lost 1-2 to Indonesia tonight!!!!!
but you guys won for the last game you played which you guys got 3-0!!!!!!!
which got you guys the winning points for tonight's game!!!!!!
but overall u guys played great!!!!
the player that i adore the most is safee...he is just pain awesome...he can shoot,dribble and everything you can think off....
and i also love khairul fahmi...his just so kamikaze!!! cuz his not afraid of the ball...
he will jump in for the ball even when 3-5 people are like scrambling over it...
and he is so efficient he can catch the ball even when its coming for him as fast as lightning!!!
im glad i got out of my mid term examination early to watch the game...
cuz it was worth it!!!!!!
love you guys keep up the good work!!

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